Work Spaces and Carpet in the Home. Can They Both Get a Long?

A common problem with home offices and work spaces is the effect that the casters or wheels from office chairs have on the carpet interface. Can they both get along?

The repetitive rolling motion increases carpet wear over time. The movement can also in some cases cause delaminating of the carpet. Delamination is the separation of the secondary backing from the primary backing of the carpet which results in a bubbled or rippled appearance. This problem is not repairable. Replacement is the only option.

The Plastic Mat Option

 Many choose to use a plastic chair pad for their office or home space. This may seem like a realistic solution but it presents its own problems. Plastic desk mats create an electrostatic charge which is transmitted on to the surrounding carpet fibers. This charge attracts and holds dust particles and at times the fine graphite powder that is released from the castors or wheels. This causes over time black lines around the edges of the plastic mat.

Ugly Black Lines

These black lines can be minimized by thorough vacuuming. Victoria Carpet Care recommends that the mat to be lifted and the carpet carefully vacuumed twice a week. This and yearly carpet cleaning will keep this problem to a minimum.

There are other visual problems that the plastic mat can create over extended periods of time. When the mat removed there will often be a noticeable color and texture change when compared to the surrounding carpet. This effect is permanent due to the wear and fading of the surrounding carpet.

They Really Can’t Get Along

In summary, using an office chair on traditional carpeting with an underpad is going to cause some damage over time. The two just can’t seem to get along! Your best option is to choose either a commercial glue down carpet, or hard surface flooring for your office space. If you have any specific questions on this topic, feel free to contact me at