Wool Rug Cleaning - Victoria BC

Wool rugs can be a stunning addition to your home.  Wool is sometimes considered as the ultimate fiber!  This is because it is durable, naturally flame resistant and even repels soil better than many synthetic options.  Wool is also expensive, so it is important to know how to clean it so that your rug lasts a lifetime.

Vacuum Frequently

Although it does not involve soap or water, vacuuming is the best way to keep your wool rug clean and extend its lifespan.  This can be done by setting the beater bar on your vacuum high or turn it off and vacuum gently. 

Vacuum Tips:

• Make sure that the beater bar is actually rotating when in contact with the area rug. A worn belt will reduce rotation when the bar contacts the area rug.

• Adjust the height of the beater bar so that it lightly vibrates the area rug, but will not cause the motor to slow.

• Check the vacuum bag regularly. A vacuum will become less efficient if the debris bag becomes too full (over half full for most machines).

• Vacuum across both directions of the traffic pattern to prevent matting.

Vacuuming removes most dry soil, but street grime, oily soils, and air pollution can build up eventually and your area rug may require cleaning. The accumulation of these particles can cause gradual dulling.

Professional Cleaning

Professional  cleaning is the best option as long as it is properly done.  Rather than renting or purchasing a steam cleaner and trying it yourself,  hire a professional.   

Warning: Home steam cleaners can get rugs too wet, and can even leave behind residue,  leaving your rug dirtier than when you began.