What Are Those Black Lines Around The Edges Of My Carpet? Carpet Cleaning, Victoria BC


The black lines are a result of "filtration soil".

Filtration soiling is a problem that affects many carpets. You can recognize filtration lines easily. They show themselves as dark lines around walls and underneath doors.Filtration lines form when your air conditioning and heating system blows air into your room. The air is blown into a room effectively pressurizing it. The air must go somewhere so it goes underneath walls and closed doors to equalize the room’s pressure. The carpet along this area acts as a filter. It traps the fine particles of dust and soot that are in the air.

Prevent the airflow through carpet and carpet edges by sealing openings through the carpet and under doors and baseboards. Keeping the air in the area clean and using good filtration in your heating and cooling systems and vacuum cleaners can help. Filtration soils may require special cleaning treatment for effective removal. These fine particles are difficult to remove without the proper cleaning agents.

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