Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Cleaning: Victoria Carpet Care


Ways to simplify your holiday cleaning to-do list:

1.Start Early: Begin cleaning before the seasonal rush, so you can break tasks down into manageable chunks.

 2.Make a List: Before you get started, divide chores by room and assess the time it will take to finish each job. Then decide if you can squeeze in cleaning during your daily routine or if you should set aside an entire afternoon.

 3.Clean in Chunks: Set aside a set time each day, for example before bed or after breakfast, to get things done. You’ll be amazed at how much you can check off your list in under an hour.

4.Get the Family to Help: assign a specific time each week for cleaning and divide chores so members of your household can pitch in. For example, have kids make their beds, put away toys, dust and wipe off countertops and baseboards.

5.Simplify and Get Rid Of Clutter: Instead of cleaning around the clutter, eliminate it. Give yourself an hour per room to decide what to keep and what to toss, then organize the keepers.

6.Have Fun: While you clean, listen high energy music .  When you’re finished, reward yourself with a long, relaxing bath or a nice cup of tea.

Don't Forget...

1. Upholstery ~ You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into beautifying your home with armchairs, loveseats, couches, and the like. Take time to vacuum and have your upholstery and furniture cleaned.  This will extend the life of your furniture, improve your home air quality and just liven up your space.

2. Carpets ~ Carpets can accumulate pet dander, dust, debris and all sorts of other disgusting gritty grimy stuff. You need to clean your carpets not only to make beautiful your home but also to get rid of a big source of indoor air pollution.  Regular cleanings will increase the life cycle of your carpet, so you will spend less over the long-term.

3. Tile and Grout ~ New technology allows us to use truck-mounted hot water extraction system on your tile and grout that will get maximum soil and stain removal without leaving any sticky residues behind.  The old days of mops and tooth brushes are gone forever!  Now is the time!

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