WHY PROTECT Your Carpets and Upholstery? Carpet Steam Cleaning, Victoria BC


Using Protectant on your carpet functions the same way as a coating on hard surface flooring.   It increases vacuuming effectiveness and gives you the time needed to clean up the spill before it sets into your carpet.  

What is ScotchGard or Teflon?

ScotchGard is a professionally applied deep-penetrating protective finish for fabric furniture, carpets, rugs, and other fabrics.  When applied correctly ScotchGard penetrates deep into the fiber to form a molecular “lock” inside the fiber. Our ScotchGard protective shield effectively resists soil & stains and makes cleaning MUCH more effective.

How long does the protection from these products last?

Under “normal” conditions and with reasonable care, Protectors  will provide long lasting benefits. Victoria Carpet Care research has shown that protectors are  very durable to foot traffic. However, performance will diminish somewhat over time with each hot water extraction cleaning. For optimal soil and stain protection, we recommend that they be reapplied after every hot water extraction.

Does protector “waterproof” carpet?

Protector is not intended to be used as a waterproofing agent for carpet. However, it will provide improved resistance to water-based substances.

Does protector contain formaldehyde?

No, there is no formaldehyde in any products that Victoria Carpet Care uses.

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Testimonial from a Victoria BC Homeowner Who Was Happy With Victoria Carpet Cares Service.  We cleaned and re-stretched his carpets:

To: Russ Sheriff

Victoria Carpet Care

It has been years since my carpets were cleaned and being 12 years old it started looking like it was time to replace them. So I called Russ at Victoria Carpet Care to remove a carpet bump and clean the carpets.

Well Russ worked very hard stretching the carpet removing the carpet bump with his long extended stretcher and working up a sweat in the process. He then cleaned carpets quickly and very professional with no chemical odor too! Now they look like new again and I don’t need to replace them. I can now enjoy brand new looking carpets thanks to Victoria Carpet Care.

I would highly recommend Russ and Victoria Carpet Care to anyone.

Yours truly, Dean Bennett

Compu-Tek Computer Services, Victoria BC

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