Victoria Carpet Care Tips: Don't Forget To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner!


Before you get started with your “Spring Cleaning” checklist, make sure your vacuum is actually clean itself. Here’s are some tips to make sure your vacuum is free of dirt, grime, odor, and gunk so you can have the cleanest spring yet.

"Without maintenance, a vacuum is only good for moving around dirt. “A vacuum can get so bogged down with dust and allergens that it becomes 20 percent less effective each time you don’t clean it properly,” says Frank Fontana, celebrity lifestyle expert.

 You can clean a vacuum without having to take it apart. For bagless vacuums, empty the canister after each use. For ones with bags, replace when it’s one-third full. Clean the filter by shaking out dust or removing buildup with fingers; or, replace it altogether every six months to a year. Finally, make sure the rotating brush is free of hair. If you can’t pull it out, use scissors to cut through the sheet of strands.

 If all else fails and your vacuum is still not up to par, debris is probably lodged inside. Take apart each removable component and use a smaller vacuum to hit every nook and cranny, says Fontana. Avoid contact with water to lower the chance of mold or mildew growth, which can occur especially among wet/dry vacuums that double as carpet cleaners. If there is a funky odor, give the vacuum parts a thorough washing, but make sure they’re completely dry before reassembling." -  Credit: Good Housekeeping


-  Always unplug a vacuum cleaner before working on it. The moving parts can cause injury, especially if they start unexpectedly.

 -  Keep an eye on the cord for breaks in the insulation. If you see any breaks in it, and especially if you see wire through the outer rubber covering, do not use the vacuum cleaner until the cord has been properly repaired or replaced

Regular vacuuming is crucial to help keep your carpets looking their best and prolonging the life of your carpet so that you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. 

Victoria Carpet Care Uses The Very BEST Cleaning Method

Victoria Carpet Care Cleaning Specialists use Hot Water Extraction cleaning method using state of the art, truck mounted equipment.  We feel this is the best method of cleaning because it is the most powerful and effective process to remove dirt, harmful bacteria, fungus, chemical residue, pollens and much more from both your carpet and under padding. 

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