Victoria BC: Upholstery Cleaning ~ Tips To Keep Furniture Looking Great!


There's nothing like brand new upholstery or furniture to refresh your house.  You have made an investment and you want to keep it looking excellent... but how long it stays  looking beautiful and clean is completely up to you. Follow this plan to keeping your furnishings looking fantastic all year round.

You might be wondering what you can do to keep your furniture looking great?  Well, we have come up with a few tips that might help:

• Vacuums aren't just for floors!  You may have seen those special attachments that come with the vaccum system... well those are for vacuuming your upholstery! These attachments can actually hepl prolong the life of your furniture investment.  . Use the upholstery attachment to vacuum soft furnishings on a weekly basis. The angle-tipped crevice tool is great for reaching sneaky areas where the evidence of daily use - dirt and oils - like to set up shop: namely, creases, fabric folds and tufted areas.

• Another great upholstery cleaning tip is to take your cushions outside and beat them by hand.. You can do this about once a month.  This will help prevent the sand and dirt from settling into the fabric.  When placing the cushions back, rotate and flip them as you would a mattress to ensure even wear.

• If you are like me, I am constantly telling my kids not to eat in the living room.  We all know what can happen!?  It's a great rule to enforce.  If you've the determination to enforce a ban on food, drink and pets on the furniture, you'll avoid worry - and work - down the road. Also remember not to lay that newspaper down on your sofa or loveseat.  Did you know that newsprint inks can bleed easily onto fabric?

Are you wondering how Victoria Carpet Care can help?  Well, we can help with maintenance of your furniture cleaning.   We spend the extra time to make sure your furniture is meticulously cleaned.  Not just given a once over or left soggy for days after your cleaning.  We feel so confident that you will love the results with the cleaning you will receive.  Please feel free to read the many testimonials from happy clients in Victoria and The West Shore area.  We have been cleaning carpets locally in Victoria since 2002. 

VICTORIA CARPET CARE will professionally clean and protect your fine upholstered furnishings. After careful inspection and testing of the fabric, we will use a combination of hand and machine cleaning with special solutions and products specifically formulated for upholstery to give the best and safest cleaning. Whether they are durable synthetics, leather, or natural fabrics, VICTORIA CARPET CARE will make them look great! 

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