Victoria BC: Maintaining Leather Furniture

Most of us love the look and feel that new leather upholstery in our Victoria BC home. However, do you ever wonder how to protect your leather upholstery? Leather requires regular maintenance to help keep it looking fresh and new. If you don’t do regular maintenance on your leather upholstery, you could risk having the leather dry, crack, or even have is start to discolor. Leather is really sensitive to stains, especially liquid stains. To make sure your leather furniture stays fresh, keep in mind these simple leather upholstery cleaning steps.

Removing Stains

Be sure to remove liquid stains as soon as you possibly if you can. Leather is a very porous material; therefore, it absorbs liquid very fast. The longer you wait to clean up the liquid on the leather, the harder it will be to get out, causing a more permanent stain to your upholstery.

When you start cleaning your leather upholstery, check to make sure your chemicals are not too harsh. When it comes to picking the right cleaning items for leather, you should consider chemicals that are gentle for the human skin. This will help ensure you that you will not ruin your beautiful leather upholstery. Many times there is a tag that can explain how to treat the material. This tag will help ensure you that your leather will be kept in ideal condition. If you don’t want to take the risk of damaging your leather upholstery contact VICTORIA CARPET CARE! Our staff knows the ins and outs of leather cleaning and can answer any of your questions.  We are happy to help you maintain your leather furniture.

you wondering how Victoria Carpet Care can help?  Well, we can help with maintenance of your furniture cleaning.   We spend the extra time to make sure your furniture is meticulously cleaned.  Not just given a once over or left soggy for days after your cleaning.  We feel so confident that you will love the results with the cleaning you will receive.  Please feel free to read the many testimonials from happy clients in Victoria and The West Shore area.  We have been cleaning carpets locally in Victoria since 2002. 

VICTORIA CARPET CARE will professionally clean and protect your leather or fine upholstered furnishings.  Whether they are durable synthetics, leather, or natural fabrics, VICTORIA CARPET CARE will make them look great! 

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