Victoria BC: Cleaning Spills and Stains from Oriental Rugs


Oriental rugs are beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art, and unfortunately one stain can cause your rug to lose significant value and appeal. But as we all know, spills happen and pets have accidents. If your Oriental rug is located in a high-traffic area where food or pets are common, it’s a good idea to know exactly what to do in case a spill happens, and when to know it’s time for the rug to be cleaned professionally.

Oriental rugs, while usually wool, often have a highly absorbent cotton base. What this means for you when spills happen, is that the spot on the surface may be small but the spill has spread throughout a large area below the surface of your Oriental rug. Moisture in general can lead to mildew and dry rot issues, food spills can attract unwanted bugs, and pet accidents undoubtedly cause unwanted odors to linger.

Cleaning Food and Drink Spills on Oriental Rugs

Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen is the best way to prevent damage from food and drink spills that occur on your Oriental rugs. Most spills of this kind can be blotted up quickly, protecting the innermost fibers of your rug from damage. Some spills, however, especially those that are acidic liquids like juice, soda, coffee or tea, can penetrate and spread within your rug, sometimes causing discoloration or fading.

Further, if spills are not cleaned promptly or the Oriental rug is not allowed to dry thoroughly after cleaning, there is a greater risk of mildew or dry rot damaging your rug. Depending on the size of the spill and the level of damage possible, it may be best to have an Oriental rug cleaning professional at Victoria Carpet Care clean your rug as soon as possible.

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