Upholstery and Furniture Care Guidelines: Upholstery Cleaners in Victoria BC


Upholstery and Furniture Care and Cleaning in Victoria BC

- To avoid fading, keep upholstered home furniture away from direct sunlight.

-  Vacuum upholstered furniture as much as possible.  Even if your home furniture has see little use, the abrasive action of dirt and dust particles can wear the fibres of your upholstery fabric.  For high use furniture, its a good idea to frequently beat the cushions and then vacuum and rotate them.

-  Furniture subject to normal soiling shouls be cleaned every 12 - 24 minths.

-  Damp dust arms and headrest areas with a recommended professional cleaning solution (a Victoria Carpet Care Cleaning Specialist can help you with a recommendation)  to prevent body oil accumulation on the upholstery fabric.  CAUTION:  Be sure to follow the manufacturers recommendation as to the type of upholstery cleaning solution to use. 

Avoid the use of dyes, paints, inks, and nail polishes around your upholstery/furniture fabric, since the substances alter color and will stain.

If any of the following home environment conditions exist, consider professional cleaning much more frequently:

  • Smokers
  • Pets
  • Heavy use of kitchens
  • Families
  • Family members who suffer from allergies

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