Upholstery Cleaning: “Is carpet cleaning techniques the same for upholstery cleaning?”

Misconception: “Carpet cleaning techniques and chemistry is the same for upholstery cleaning.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most serious problems we hear of or even try to help others correct is many times the result of carpet cleaning techniques used to clean upholstery. Let me explain why. Carpet cleaning chemistry to a large degree is designed to clean synthetic fibers, subject to ground in soiling from the shoes. Carpet is also much thicker than upholstered fabrics. Therefore many carpet cleaners are aggressive in their approach to cleaning. In fact, you have probably heard of some of the mistakes cleaners make by leaving their carpets wet two and three days at a time. While not healthy, carpet can survive that.

On the other hand, upholstery is not as forgiving as carpet is. The biggest difference is, most upholstery is blended with natural fibers, like cotton, linen, wool or silk. And that’s good because natural fibers are more comfortable against our skin since they breathe better. However, natural fabrics are prone to more problems than synthetics are if improperly cleaned or the wrong cleaning solution is used. For example, yellowing or browning of the fabric can occur or shrinkage can result. Also, fabric appearance could be altered, even colors seriously affected, to name just a few problems.

Beyond a doubt, upholstery cleaning chemistry and cleaning techniques should be different.  Upholstery should be cleaned with a low moisture technique and be dry within one to six hours.  Also, it is vital to leave the fabric as close to the neutral state as possible.  Remember your hair care products will say, pH balanced?  You are rinsing out the shampoo in your hair and leaving it neutral or soap free.  That’s a similar comparison with proper upholstery cleaning.  We use these proper cleaning techniques with all the delicate fabrics we clean such as cotton, wool, velvets, silk and many more.  

Testimonials and Kind Words

"Thank-you again Russ for doing such a terrific  job on my carpets.  I am so pleased and will recommend you to my friends!!!  You are the best!"   Sally, Colwood BC

"We asked for estimates from various companies for stretching our carpets. Russ gave us the best estimate and his work was excellent. He showed up on time, was polite, respectful of the office work areas, tidy and organized, cleaned up after he was finished and the final bill was exactly what he had quoted--no surprises. Great job, Russ!! "   Kathy McDougall, Victoria BC

"Russ cleaned our Carpets in our home this past week. They look fantastic. What a wonderful job. Thanks Russ."   Norm Moore, The Co-operators Victoria, BC

"We had our rugs cleaned by Russ in December and were very pleased at how clean they came and how they stayed clean much longer than when we used to rent a shampooer and do it ourselves. I've recommended Russ and I'm ready to book him again!" Susan D, Victoria BC

“Great customer care skills and excellent results. I would highly recommend Russ if anyone is looking to get those carpets cleaned.” Lee Cassells

“Russ Sheriff with Victoria Carpet Care is professional, incredibly knowledgeable, honest, and he truly cares about his clients and their needs. He has taken carpet care to a whole new level and goes above and beyond. I recently had him clean the carpets when my tenants moved out and he really was put to the test, and he left the room looking brand new. He also used a special odor guard to get rid of some horrible smells and it is amazing how well it worked.  Big or small, carpets, rugs, upholstery, beds, you name it, Russ Sheriff with Victoria Carpet Care can do it all, and do it well. I highly recommend them.” August 29, 2012    Clare Martin, Victoria BC

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