Testimonial for Victoria Carpet Care : Pet Stains and Carpet Cleaning, Victoria BC

I have a testimonial for Russ Sheriff

This week we awoke to discover that we had a significant pet incident in the night.  Unfortunately not on the hardwood but on the cream carpet, which I will say I questioned my wife about when it was initially installed.  I came from a farm.

What to do?  No need to panic.  We will just call Russ.

Russ has already told BNI Meridian everything they need to know in an emergency.  "DO NOT USE CHEMICALS"

Seven hours later we return to find the entire issue has been rectified.  Russ has found time on very short notice to fit us into our schedule.  He has let himself into our house.  The carpet is imacculate.  A dryer has been left and is drying the carpet.

And there is no bill left.  That's classy.

Bob and Elizabeth June

Victoria BC