Take Care of Your Rug Right! Rug and Carpet Cleaning, Victoria BC


Area rugs are more popular than ever with clients today, credit to the increase in hard surface flooring.  If you've bought a high-quality area rug for your home, you may ask yourself... how can I protect my investment and keep it looking  beautiful?

The appropriate rug cleaning method is determined by major factors like fibre content and construction.  Here are some great tips for keeping your rugs looking like new and fresh:

 •Vacuum rugs on a regular basis. Fringe should be hand-vacuumed only.

 •When spills occur, scoop or blot-up the excess. Then dilute the area with water and blot - don't rub - until no more color is visible on your clean, white towel.

 •Ideally, rugs should be removed from the home or office to be professionally cleaned.

 •Rotate your rugs once a year to ensure even wear.

 How often should your rug be professionally cleaned?

The answer depends on its location in your home. Does it get heavy foot traffic? Are there any pets? Often, animals are drawn to rugs and can leave behind unpleasant surprises that require specialized treatment.

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Your carpets, rugs and floors cost a great deal of money…doesn't it make sense to maintain them so that they last longer and look their best? We specialize in deep-cleaning carpets, upholstery and tile and we are happy to offer a thorough cleaning for your fine area rugs…to help them last longer and stay more beautiful!

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