Stain Removal in Victoria BC: - How To Clean Chocolate from Carpet


Carpet Cleaning Tips to help remove chocolate stains and spills:

•Remove chocolate substance from carpeting by hardening it first with ice, then scraping it out with a knife.

•Avoid scrubbing the chocolate stain so you don't spread it.


1.       Remove as much of the chocolate stain substance as possible with a spoon

2.       Place a layer of paper towels over the chocolate stain and blot with your hands to remove as much stain moisture or liquid as you can. Toss out soiled paper towels and continue to blot with clean paper towels until there's no further transfer of chocolate to the paper towels.

3.       Before applying any solution to your carpet, test in an inconspicuous area, such as inside a closet. If discoloration occurs, do not use.

4.       Use a mixture of 1 cup of cool water, with 1/2 teaspoon of household ammonia, and 2 drops of mild dishwashing (non-bleach) detergent.

5.       Apply the solution to the spot using a spoon to work the solution into the center of the spot from the outside edge. Do not rub too hard or fast as this could permanently distort the carpet fibers and damage them. Never use a brush for the same reason.

6.       Blot with towel, repeat until there is no more residue transferring to the towel.

7.       It is always good to poor on a little cool water to rinse out any cleaning solution and blot it up too. You may wish to lay 1/2 inch of paper towels or a cotton towel folded several times on the area that you treated and put a heavy weight of about 5 to 10 pounds on it overnight. This reduces the chance of any residue resurfacing later. Putting a fan on the area can also help.

8.       If there is some color remaining, it may be necessary to call in a professional carpet cleaner like one of Cleaning Specialists at Victoria Carpet Care who can use more specific and more potent products to attempt removal.

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