Spring Cleaning and Allergies: Let Victoria Carpet Care Steam Clean Your Carpet!


It so nice to see the weather finally changing.  The flowers blooming, birds singing, children playing.. you get the picture, it's pretty GREAT!  Here is Victoria, we are pretty fortunate to live in a beautiful area.  Some other things aren't so great, like  the eyes will be itching, the nose will be running… allergy season is upon us.

But, before you pull out the box of tissues and the allergy medication remember, there are proven things you can do to eliminate some allergens at their source and reduce your allergies!  We are happy to share this information with you!

In most homes there are several  allergy triggers found: dust mites, pollens, and mold.  We all know what mold is and mold spores can even be found in your carpets.  And we all know what pollens are and that they can come in through open doors and windows, even be tracked in and settle in your home and carpets. But in case you don’t know what a dust mite is, they are microscopic little creatures, bug like that wander in your fabrics and carpets.  The living mites are not the offenders, it’s their fecal matter and the bodies of dead mites that most people are allergic to. 

Well you can face the allergy season with a smile if you take a practical approach to the season.  Don’t let allergens in your own home aggravate your allergies that may already be flared up by the hay fever of Springtime.  Get your carpets cleaned properly and professionally and you will get rid of the pollens, molds and dust mite matter that can make your allergies go from bad to worse.

Remember, your carpet is like a big “filter” that traps pollutants and allergens.  But that “filter” gets full and redistributes allergens back into the air with every step you take.  If it’s been more than 6-12 months since you had your carpets cleaned your “filter”, your carpet,  is probably full. If you want to take steps toward reducing allergens found in your home then pick up the phone and call me at 250-474-7777 right now.

Victoria Carpet Care operates with integrity and offer superior service. In fact, we guarantee it!  We want you to be completely happy with all our sevices.

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