Red Wine + Carpet = Stains... But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way! Victoria,BC


Can you believe summer is winding down already?  But it’s not over yet!  And there are still lots of fun barbeques and good times with friends to be had.  But often with entertaining comes the occasional mishap.  Maybe your cousin’s wife spills her wine on your living room carpet, maybe the neighbor’s kid drops his greasy burger on the sofa…whatever the case, whatever the spill, it happens to everyone.  But have no fear your carpet cleaner is near!  And this month I am making you an offer to “Spill Proof” your home. 

How To “Spill Proof” Your Home!

You could go through and cover your home in plastic.  You know, crinkly, thick plastic just like you see some grandmas on TV shows doing.  Just imagine how comfortable that would be.  No way!  Don’t worry today there are products available that do the same job as that plastic by putting a little barrier between your carpets/fabrics and stains.  It’s invisible and you can’t feel it.  But it works.    

These protective barriers are usually applied to your carpets and upholstered items at the factory.  But with time, wear and cleanings the protective finish diminishes and your carpets and furniture become vulnerable to stains. 

As a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner I have access to the best of the best of these protective products and can properly re-apply them so that your furniture and carpets are virtually “spill proof”.  I can help you to determine how long it’s been since your furniture and carpets have been protected and determine a schedule for re-applications.

“Is It Safe?  How Does It Work?”

            These products have been used in homes and on furniture for decades.  The newest products are non-toxic, safe for you, your family and your pets.  

            They work by creating a protective shield around each fiber.  This shield turns your furniture and carpets into stain repellers.  Today’s protectants offer: 

  • Stronger protection against oil-based spills and stains
  • Outstanding dry soil resistance
  • Excellent repellency- spills will bead up instead of soak in
  • They work great on all carpet fibers and most upholstery fibers
  • They are safe and non-toxic
  • Your vacuuming will be more efficient and your carpets/upholstery easier to clean
  • Your carpets and upholstery will stay cleaner and brighter longer

            As a bonus it’s good to note that some carpet manufacturer’s will void your carpet’s warranty if it is not properly maintained and protected with the right products.  So…

Spill Proof Your Home!