RUG CARE: How to Clean Pet Puddles From Area Rugs: Victoria BC

Pet Puddles


  • Pick up solids.If stain remains, or if it is urine, dampen area with white vinegar + cool water (1 cup vinegar/2 cups water)


  • Bend open the fibers and be sure to dampen full fibers (not just the top tips of them).


  • BLOT area with cotton TOWEL (do not rub).


  • BLOT until yellow urea stops transferring to the TOWEL.


  • Place a folded towel UNDER and OVER the spill area to sandwich it.


  • Stand on the sandwich to help the excess moisture to wick out.


  • Use (on cool setting) to dry and groom the nap with the BRUSH.


  • Prop area up for several hours so that the inside fibers dry completely.


FYI:  Pet urine goes on hot and acidic, so it penetrates the fibers completely.  Because rug dyes are acid dyes this means urine essentially “re-dyes” the fibers yellow and sets itself.  If it is not dealt with immediately, stains can be permanent.  You can lessen or remove the odor causing elements with the mentioned steps above. 


OLD pet stains (7+ days) go from acidic to strongly alkaline in pH.  Being the opposite of acid, this actually “dissolves” the rug dyes and can lead to color loss and dye migration in these specific areas.  Repeated urine contamination not only devalues oriental rugs, it is also a health concern for the indoor living environment (i.e. sewage contamination).

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