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Victoria Carpet Care is a local family owned and operated business here in Victoria BC.  We know the importance of having a healthy home for our family.  Your family also deserves all the health benefits that professional cleaning, protectant, and regular vacuuming can provide.  Don't just clean your carpets, protect them!  When carpet protectant is applied after a professional cleaning, the porous openings in your carpet fibers are filled in, leaving a smooth, like-new surface. Every time your vacuum, all the sand, dirt pollens, dust mites are sucked up by your vacuum. Quite simply, every time you vacuum regularly, at least once a week, your carpets are just as they were when they were professionally clean! This adds years to your carpet's beauty and makes your home more healthy!

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A Free 15 Minute Carpet Evaluation!

I will come to your house and audit your carpet for free. That's right there's no cost and no obligation of any kind. Here's exactly what I'll do:

1. First I'll cover all the problems your carpet has.

I'll check for 'unwanted' stains. I'll tell you whether or not they can be removed and how. This includes pet stains and other difficult stains.

2. I'll calculate the wear age of your carpet.

Your carpet may be 10 years old but only have a wear age of 2 years. However, your carpet may be 2 years old but have a wear age of 10 years. I'll explain how long it will be before you will need to get new carpet and I'll give you a 'prescription' to make your carpet last as long as possible.

3. I'll determine if your carpet is in good health.

Oh, you've never thought of your carpet as having good or bad health. Well, just like people, if a carpet is in bad health it will not live long. Healthy carpets are great for healthy wallets and for healthy people.

Yes, your carpet's health can affect you and your family's health. Just like you track in dirt from the outside, you also track in car exhaust, cigarette smoke, asphalt, chemicals, dust, germs, pollens, tar, soot and many others. These pollutants get lodged into your carpet just like dirt.

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Victoria Carpet Care is a locally owned and operated local family business who have proudly served  Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, View Royal, Colwood, Langford, Highlands, Metchosin and Sooke Areas since 2002