Myth: My Carpet is Only 1 or 2 Years Old, so it Doesn’t Need Cleaning - Victoria BC


This is one of the most common and costly misconceptions about carpet care. Almost every homeowner is under the false assumption that new carpet doesn’t require cleaning until it looks dirty. Unfortunately, by the time the soil is visible, much damage has already been done to the carpet.

It is the soil you cannot see that causes the most damage; tiny microscopic pieces of dirt and soil that destroy the protective fiber coating and break the fiber down. The fuzz in your vacuum bag or canister is your carpet going out the door, one clump at a time.


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Carpet Cleaning Testimonials and Reviews

"Victoria Carpet Care is an incredible company!! We recently moved into a 2 bedroom apartment and were told that the carpets had already been professionally done. Much to our horror the carpets were actually disgusting and I mean disgusting. There were several food and oil stains leading out of the kitchen, various stains throughout the apartment and heavy blackness at the carpets edge. Russ was able to perform a miracle and make the carpets livable again. Thank you so very much for a wonderful job and I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing any type of carpet care. Thank you again so very much."  ~ Mark and Joan Paul, Victoria, BC

"Hey Russ,  Thanks again for coming on such short notice.  The couch looks and smells great.  So thanks again, I appreciate the work you did.  Have a great day." ~ Adam, Greater Victoria

"Thank-you again, Russ, for doing such a terrific job with my carpets  I am so pleased and will recommend you to my friends.  You are the best!" ~ Sally,  Colwood  BC