Is the Office Making You Sick? It Could Be Your Carpets Fault! Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Victoria BC


Does it seem like every day another employee is out sick?

It could be your carpets!

Your carpet acts as a filter for your indoor environment; and just like any other filter it needs to be either changed or cleaned. Even if your carpet looks clean it still holds dirt, pollen, dead skin, mites and their feces. This could be the reason the sniffles and sneezes have contagiously travelled thru all your employees including yourself.

 The Carpet in Your Store or Office Environment Serves a Number of Purposes.

  • It enhances the aesthetics of your environment
  • It reduces the noise level within your environment
  • It is “warm” under your feet
  • And, one of the least understood purpose of carpet is its ability to filter the pollutants out of the air and hold them in the carpet until it is vacuumed and or cleaned. This ability allows the carpet to assist in keeping the air that your employees and customers breathe – as clean as it can be.

 What does that mean to you?

  • When looking to get carpet cleaning done it is not usually necessary to do your entire facility. Often it can be treated as different traffic zones, with the heaviest soiling zones getting the most attention.
  • Extraction cleaning can now be augmented with encapsulation cleaning that provides on-going protection
  • It you have a proper maintenance program you can reduce the overall lifecycle cost of your building maintenance with an aggressive cleaning program (It’s like the dentist say – clean and floss only the teeth that you want to keep)
  • Everyone on your team will appreciate the cleaner environment. Studies have shown that there is less employee absenteeism caused by poor indoor air quality when carpeting and furnishings are regularly maintained.
  • Everyone will have a good first impression of your environment.

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