How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies With Apple Cider Vinegar and Dish Soap! Victoria Carpet Care


It's that time of the year that I am starting to notice those little fruit flies in the kitchen.  There are many of things you could do to prevent fruit fly infestations, like keeping rotting or overripe fruit out of your kitchen, but once they are in your house…well they just seem to never go away.

My personal favorite non-chemical, non-toxic, technique for trapping and killing fruit flies involves apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap.

Here are the simple instructions:

1. Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar into a jar or small bowl.

2. Add a couple drops of dish soap to the jar.

3. Place in the area where you've seen the fruit flies, and wait for the trap to do its job.

 Why This Works:

 This works because Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of the vinegar, and will try to land on its surface. But, they're in for a surprise – since the dish soap breaks the surface tension of the vinegar, the fruit flies fall in and drown.

The result is a lot of dead fruit flies, which can be conveniently poured down your drain.