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As a Victoria Carpet Care Cleaner we find the history of the vacuum cleaner to be very fascinating. After carpet had been introduced into homes and businesses it only made sense to find something to clean them.  This "something" was the vacuum cleaner. Did you know that the first vacuum cleaner was built in the mid 1800s. In fact, the original vacuum cleaner was invented prior to the US civil war. Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa, invented a vacuum cleaner in 1860, calling it a carpet sweeper instead of a vacuum cleaner. His machine did, in fact, have a rotating brush like a traditional carpet sweeper, and also had a mechanism on to create suction of dust and dirt. On July 10, 1860 Hess received a patent for his invention of the vacuum cleaner.  This is where it all started!

In the years that followed, there were some other designs, but the first real success story comes about 20 years later. That is when a man named Melville Bissell invented his push version of the vacuum cleaner for his wife. The Bissell name is still going strong to this day. Melville's vacuum cleaner  was so popular that he started Bissell as a company and later his wife ran it and became one of the most success women in business in her day. Although Bissell's design was an step up and was successful, but it still wasn't quite what you think of compared to the vacuums that we use in our homes today.  Never the less it was pretty remarkable for the 1870s.

Over the following years there were many attempts to make a better carpet cleaning vacuum, but it was James Spangler in 1907 that ultimately invented a piece of equipment that resembles the models that we use in our homes and businesses today. It was portable, used suction, had a bag for the dust and debris that was sucked up (made using a pillowcase), and had a rotating brush to help loosen and lift the dirt from the carpet.

Unfortunately for James, he was a janitor by trade and not a businessman. He did not have the resources or wealth to follow his invention and decided to sell his invention to his cousin Hoover who became very rich from the invention. Today Hoover is still going strong in the vacuum cleaning business and most of us recognize the Hoover name. It was also James that we can thank for helping with the invention of the disposable bags that some homeowners still use in the upright model of vacuum cleaner.

It is always interesting to learn a little bit about the origins of some of the things we use every day. And if you own a carpet, a vacuum cleaner is one of those things.


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