Having Your Carpet Protected Before or After Your Cleaning ~ What is Better? Victoria, BC


Protected carpet stays cleaner, brighter, and fresher— longer!  Plus, it makes cleaning up spots and vacuuming much easier. Carpet Protection really works!  Block out the dirt and spills caused by everyday life.

A Carpet Protector is a coating applied to the carpet, which adds resilience to stains and common soiling.

 A general misconception is that a Carpet Protector or scotchguard as it has come to be known, stops the carpet from becoming stained or soiled.  Instead the protector will help hold up a spillage, giving you time to blot up excess liquid – if not fully removed by blotting, the stain will respond better to professional Victoria Carpet Care cleaning than normal because of the Carpet Protector.

Another benefit of Carpet Protection is that generally speaking it assists the cleaning of the carpet as a whole. The applied coating helps the majority of general soiling stay away from the actual carpet fibre, making it more responsive or receptive to extraction cleaning.

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