General Rug Care Tips: Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Victoria BC



  • White terrycloth towels               
  • Small bowls and sponge                    
  • Club soda           
  • White vinegar and cool water (50/50)         
  • Soft brush (not too stiff)                
  • Hair dryer

RUG CARE MUST NEVER DO:  (Risk of color loss, discoloration, permanent yellowing, fiber damage and dye bleeding.)

Do NOT use on oriental and area rugs (wool/silk/cotton): Folex, Resolve, Oxyclean, Simple Green, Woolite, Salt, Baking Soda, or Bleach.


  • Run HOT WATER from the faucet, and wet a portion of a white TOWEL. 
  • Wring  the excess out so it is DAMP but not wet. 
  • BEND open an area of the rug with “suspect” colors that may be fugitive. 
  • Press the damp towel INSIDE the fibers (not just on the surface tips).
  • HOLD STILL  for 10-15 seconds.  (If you move you may move dye.)
  • Remove towel and see if there has been any color transfer. 
  • If there has been color transfer – the dyes are FUGITIVE.

Food & Drink Spills  (Dyes are colorfast)

  • SPOON up solids, or VACUUM up dry pieces.
  • If stain remains, use sponge to dampen the spill area with CLUB SODA.
  • BLOT area with cotton TOWEL (do not rub).
  • BLOT until spill stops transferring to the TOWEL.
  • Place a folded towel UNDER and OVER the spill area to sandwich it.
  • Stand on the sandwich to help excess moisture to wick out.
  • Use HAIR DRYER (on cool setting) to dry and groom the nap with the BRUSH.
  • Prop area up for several hours so that the inside fibers dry completely.

Food & Drink Spills  (Dyes are fugitive)

Same steps as above EXCEPT substitute VINEGAR and WATER for the CLUB SODA

Credit: Lisa Wagner


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