Victoria Carpet Care Specials for September 2011 - Carpet Cleaning Victoria, BC

Can You Really Compare Carpet Cleaners Like Apples To Apples?

 Hello friends and clients. It’s Russ, your carpet cleaner here.  Today I want to address a subject that occasionally comes up with some of my clients…with all the carpet cleaners in this town are you sure you have chosen the right one?  How different can one carpet cleaner be from the next…can you compare us like apples to apples?

 Especially in today’s economic climate some of you may be tempted by “the other guy” and his rock bottom, cheap prices.  But let me assure you all carpet cleaners are not equal.  In fact, we can be as different as an apple and a coconut. 

 Over the past year I’ve had more than a couple clients call me and confess they decided to save a buck and called the other (cheap) guys.  So why are they confessing?  Because now I need to go out and clean up (literally) after them. 


How Do You Like Those Apples?

 The truth is a carpet cleaner cannot offer a high quality of work and service charging super low prices.  (Like the ads you’ve seen offering $4 per room or $99 for a whole house.)  After all, to offer a cheap service one has to do cheap work.


I’ve always preferred to set my prices at a fair, but quality price point and then deliver work and customer service that will make you…


Smile So Hard Your Cheeks Hurt

 Choosing the wrong carpet cleaner can leave you with carpets that are gummy, over soaked, and/or literal dirt magnets.Only through proper training can a carpet cleaner have the skills to remove stains and traffic lanes properly. I’ve been trained to make sure your carpets will dry quickly and trained in the ph/balance of your carpets so they don’t rapidly re-soil and spots don’t reappear.  In fact,I’ve had years of training and certification courses that have taught me the science and chemistry of cleaning carpets.  So I know how to leave your carpets clean, fresh and residue free.


So I’ve…


Put It All On The Table


            How about giving me a call and letting me show you just how clean, sparkling, and fresh your carpets can be?  Here is an offer that should make it even easier…


Put A Spring In Your Step This Fall With Clean, Fresh Carpet…


Savings #1:  Get your whole house cleaned and you Save 15% OFF


Savings #2:  Get your main living spaces cleaned and you Save 10% OFF


Savings #3:  Re-apply your carpet protection and you Save $40.00 Off