Easy Care Tips To Keep Those Hard Surface Floors Looking Sparkling Clean! Victoria, BC


Use Entry Mats. At entry points to areas with hard surfaces, place entry mats for soil and moisture removal. The less brought in, the less to clean.

Regular vacuuming.  Some surfaces don’t always appear to need cleaning, assume it does.  As sure as dust settles on a windowsill, so it does on the floors.  Be sure to use a vacuum with a floor height adjustment on the lowest setting.

Avoid Spills as much as possible.  Hot liquid spills are especially hazardous and also a lot harder to clean up because they can penetrate more quickly. Spots should be cleaned up quickly as soon as they occur.

Good Air Circulation. After washing your floors, open windows or utilize fans to air circulating. The faster it dries the better the results and less chance for quick re-soiling.

Use of Area Rugs. If area rugs or throw rugs are used to decorate of ‘soften’ interior hard surfaces, be sure to use non-skid pads for your safety. (available at most reputable flooring outlets) The ‘backings’ used by most manufacturers of area rugs are abrasive. Contrary to popular belief the non-skid pads are excellent. It is recommended that they are picked up and floors cleaned under them every month.

Use Felt Under Legs and Corners of Furniture. Chairs and tables in hard surface areas could cause serious damage to floors if legs and corners are not protected.  Felt can be used to prevent abrasive damage caused by the furniture.

Leave Shoes at the door... especially in Winter.  If you live in a part of the country affected by snow and ice, be sure to leave shoes that may have salt or liquid de-icer on them at the door. Chemicals used in these products cause speedy and permanent damage.

Clean up any sand QUICKLY (since we live in Victoria, on Vancouver Island). Dry sand on hard surfaces in coastal areas should be removed as soon as noticed.  Wear patterns and scratches will dull your floor.

Regular Floor Maintenance. Clean and rinse them often, once per month in low traffic areas and at least weekly in high traffic or kitchen areas. Rinse with plain water.

The Most Important Tip:  If a stain appears permanent, DONT PANIC, call the Cleaning Specialists at Victoria Carpet Care.

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