Earth Friendly and Green Carpet Cleaning Options: Victoria and the Westshore

Victoria Carpet Care offers Green Cleaning Solutions ...  Which Means They Are Much Safer For You, Children, Pets, FOR EVERYONE!  When you give us a call just say that you would like the "GREEN Carpet Cleaning Option". 

Victoria Carpet Care has a variety of different options to suit almost anyone's carpet and upholstery cleaning needs, including green cleaning options.  The Carpet In Your home or building is a huge filter for Dirt, Pollen, Oil, Smoke, Dust, And So Much More.   It needs to be emptied on a regular basis.  A regular cleaning schedule will help insure that the carpet is clean and will improve the indoor air quality of your Home or Business TREMENDOUSLY!

Hot water extraction system: A state of the art system that offers powerful and deep-down suction to remove dirt. Combined with our natural cleaning products this allows us to clean your carpets in the most non-toxic and effective way to ensure your carpet will look like new once we've finished cleaning.

This will ensure that your carpets and upholstery are always clean and you will benefit from the results of having great indoor air quality in your home.

For a Healthier And Safer Cleaning Process

I’m Sure Everyone Would Be Happy About That!

At Victoria Carpet Care we offer the "Green Cleaning Package" to Fit The Needs of both your Home and Business.  

The cleaning package is also designed for those customers suffering from extreme allergies. All products used in this level of cleaning are designed specifically for allergen control.  An earth-friendly and greenway of cleaning.

Victoria Carpet Care is happy to service these areas: Victoria, Langford, Colwood, Saanich, Oak Bay, Metchosin, View Royal, Highlands, Esquimalt, Sooke

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