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The Best Way to Care For Your Carpet and Rug is Vacuuming! 

The best way to reduce dirt accumulation and prolong the life of your carpet is to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Most dirt, even dust, is in the form of hard particles. When left in the carpet, these gritty, sharp particles abrade the pile as effectively as sandpaper.

How Often Should I Vacuum?

Regular vacuuming is the most important cleaning activity for your carpet. About 80% of dirt that enters the home is dry. That is why a good practice is to regularly vacuum the areas that receive the most traffic, such as hallways, stairs, exterior entryways, and paths in the home where there is constant wear. Vacuum the entire carpeted area at least once a week. That depends on the amount of foot traffic and household soil to which your carpet is exposed. More use means more frequent vacuuming. Victoria Carpet Care recommends a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or “brush/beater bar” to agitate the pile and mechanically loosen soil particles. The exception to this is for shag styled products with longer yarns which might tend to wrap around a rotating brush.  For these styles we recommend a suction-only vacuum.

Also, be aware that some vacuums have overly aggressive action which may damage the surface of your carpet. An inexpensive, less efficient vacuum can remove surface dirt but will not effectively remove the hidden particles embedded in the pile.

Deep Cleaning

While vacuuming on a regular basis is essential, deep cleaning is essential to remove stubborn or embedded stains. This process will keep your carpets looking new for a longer period of time and will save you money in the long run.Get your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. NOTHING extends the life of your carpet like this step. Even dirt you cannot see can be deep inside the carpets breaking down and wearing the fibers. It’s the only way to prevent permanent traffic lanes and wear patterns. Remember this rule of thumb: Clean before your carpet LOOKS dirty to prevent wear and tear – it’s time not dirt that you should judge by.

Get your carpet professionally protected at least every other cleaning. The factory finish is removed with wear and cleanings. This finish is a protective barrier between your carpet and soils, oils, stains and general wear and tear. Ignoring this step will shorten the life span of your carpet considerably.

Carpet can last a very long time when it is properly maintained and cared for. I’ve seen carpets that were 20 years old that looked brand new because they were well cared for! On the other hand I’ve seen relatively new carpet that looked 20 years old because no one was caring for it properly.

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