Do I Need To Vacuum Before The Carpet Cleaner Arrives? Victoria, BC


Do I Need to Vacuum Before the Carpet Cleaner Arrives?

Awesome!   The carpet cleaner is coming I can have a week off from vacuuming... 

Well, it is true that our system uses high power suction unit---however, it was never designed to suck up large debris and particulate.  In fact in order to get short dry times our wands and extractor actually create a seal to the carpet which only pushes around any debris instead of extracting it.  And more importantly a proper vacuum-with a beater bar, can effectively remove up to 79% of all sand, soil and dry particulate.  What would happen if you add water to soil?  Well, it makes mud.

So, if 79% of soil is removed prior to wet cleaning our state of the art truck mount and portable extractor can focus on and effectively do their jobs of removing the remaining 21% of sticky soils, pollens, and chemicals that are making your carpets look dull and worn.