Discover The Secret Weapon That Will Make Your Carpet Stand Up Even To The Greasiest Pizza...


Hello friends and clients.  Most people I encounter want their carpets to last and look beautiful as long as possible.  Does that sound like you?  Then when drinks, food, dirt and oil spill or get tracked on your carpet…


Stop Them Cold!


            My “Secret Weapon” will thoroughly coat each fiber of your carpet with a barrier you cannot see, feel or smell.  This invisible coating will act as a protective shield against everyday spots and spills.  But that’s not all, because today’s carpet protectors…


Perform Extra Duties


This protective barrier will help prevent spills and spots from turning into permanent stains, but it will also act as a soil and dirt repellent.  As a result, your vacuuming will be more effective and dirt and soils will not easily break down your carpet fibers.  This means your carpet will withstand normal wear and tear much better, traffic lanes will NOT appear and your carpet will look bright and beautiful for years longer. 


Bottom-line:  A protected carpet cleans up easier, and repels everyday dirt, soil, spots and spills.


Try It Out!


 When you regularly and properly clean and protect your carpets they will last and last.  I’ve literally seen 20-year-old carpets that still look new because the homeowners used proper care and maintenance, including protection.  (On the flip side I’ve seen 3-year-old carpets that already need to be replaced because the homeowner did not properly care and maintain the home’s carpets.)  And you can breathe easy because today’s carpet protection is non-toxic and safe for you and your family. 


Please Note:


Your carpet came from the manufacturer with a protective coating on it.  Most carpet manufacturers will void your carpet warranty if they are not professionally steam cleaned and properly protected.  Each time your carpet is cleaned the carpet protector’s effectiveness is reduced by 35%.  So it is necessary to reapply this protection at least every other cleaning.  I can discuss your individual carpet needs with you. 250-474-7777