Commonly Asked Questions: Residential Carpet Cleaning Services, Victoria BC


What method of carpet cleaning does Victoria Carpet Care use?

Hot water extraction cleaning combined with our professional cleaning products will leave your floors or furniture in immaculate condition.

How does hot water extraction carpet cleaning work?

First we pre-treat carpets, high traffic areas and spots using our cleaning products . Then, we run our state-of-the art, high-powered hot water extraction cleaning system over the entire area. Hot water is injected into the carpet to further loosen up dirt and remove any cleaning solution. Finally a powerful vacuum sucks out all the debris leaving your carpets sanitary, clean and free of residue or odor.

Do you use portable or truck mounted equipment?

Our technicians are equipped with both portable and truck mounted hot water extraction systems. The appropriate system will be used based on the access available for your home.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Typically between five and eight hours. Drying time depends on a number of factors such as the type and density of your carpet, room temperature, humidity and air movement. To speed up the drying time, keep your windows open for a few hours after the carpet cleaning is completed.

How often should I have my carpet or upholstery cleaned?

Every six months to one year. Frequency will depend on the amount of traffic you have in your home.

How can I help keep my carpets and upholstery clean between professional cleaning?

Victoria Carpet Care recommends that you vacuum your carpets regularly with a HEPA equipped vacuum cleaner. Clean entrance ways and high traffic areas more often and always clean up spills immediately.

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