Commercial and Office Carpet Care: Westshore and Victoria BC


Our professional carpet cleaning (caring) will improve the appearance and extend the life of your carpeting.  Your indoor air quality will also be tremendously improved which in turn will promote better health and easier breathing.


Victoria Carpet Care understands that our services can sometimes be inconvenient during your regular office hours. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options, including after hour appointments to make sure that your business can continue operating as usual.

Property Managers

Victoria Carpet Care provides carpet and upholstery cleaning services for residential and commercial property management companies. We know how challenging working with different contractors can be for your property management team. That is why we strive to ensure clear lines of communication and convenient scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule. We are confident that you will be delighted with the service we provide.

Carpet Maintenance Programs keep your carpet looking nice and professional longer!

Each Carpet Maintenance Program is custom designed. We utilize all recognized carpet care cleaning methods that are appropriate to the situation.

Different work situations and different traffic flows require some analysis to maximize the effectiveness of a maintenance program. Areas where foot traffic is heaviest should get more attention than areas where foot traffic is light.

Not only is your business environment the spot that impresses your clients– it is also the area where your team members spend about 25% of every week.  You no doubt want the environment healthy and clean.

The carpet in your store or office environment serves a number of purposes.

1.     It enhances the aesthetics of your environment

2.     It reduces the noise levels within your environment

3.     It is “warm” under your feet

4.     And one of the least understood purposes of carpet is its ability to filter the pollutants out of the air and hold them in the carpet until it is vacuumed and or cleaned.  This ability allows the carpet to assist in keeping the air that your employees breathe – as clean as it can be.

What often happens is that vacuums that do not have proper filtration systems will re-introduce the contaminants back into the air as the carpet is vacuumed and secondly and most important – carpet is usually left too long between professional cleaning and it gets “full” – just like the filters on your furnace.  Once this happens it can no longer hold the soil and contaminants inside its’ structure and as quick as more soil is introduced – it goes directly into the air when disturbed.  Also – when this soil is left in the carpet it starts to grind away at the carpet structure – prematurely wearing out your large investment.

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