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Commercial carpet receives many times the traffic of typical residential carpet. That's why it's important to select (fiber, construction, pile design, color) and install commercial carpet that fits a building user's needs. However, once that carpet is properly selected and installed, its durability and lasting beauty is highly dependent on the ongoing maintenance and cleaning programs.

The first critical component in programmed maintenance and cleaning is routine vacuuming coupled with rapid response to spots and spills. Carpet serves as a "sink" or collection point for everything that is tracked in or settles out of the air. Qualities such as sound absorption, slip resistance and soil-trapping ability makes it the most desirable floor covering in many buildings. Ultimately, however, even the best maintained carpet must be thoroughly cleaned to empty the "sink."

This is where IICRC certified technicians come in. They have the equipment, training and experience not only to empty the "sink," but also to restore the color and beauty of commercial carpet, while improving overall indoor environmental quality in the building.

CreditIICRC ~ Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (Available Nationwide)


If You Answer Yes To Any Of The Following Questions, It Might Be Time To Give Victoria Carpet Care A Try:

  • Are you disappointed with your last cleaning?
  • Does the carpet look like it hasn’t even been cleaned?
  • Does the carpet look good immediately after it’s cleaned but then look bad again after it dries?
  • Do you have a hard time finding a company that will adapt to your schedule?
  • Are you ‘concerned’ about the cleaning technicians that are coming into your business to clean?
  • Do you want your work environment to be safe, clean and healthy?

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