Clean Your Floors Like An Expert ~ VICTORIA CARPET CARE


For great results on your floor cleaning, take a look at our 8 tips to cleaning your floors like an expert:

 1.     Chose the right tools

  • A broom with tapered bristles and wide coverage
  • Machine washable mops
  • Terry cloth towels or any highly absorbent and machine washable towel

 2.     Use ergonomics ~  Sweeping, mopping and drying your floor can use some serious muscles. Use tools with handles at appropriate lengths (or adjustable handles) for your height.

 3.     Start sweeping or vacuuming ~  Vacuuming, sweep or dusting your floor prior to mopping will remove existing dust, dirt and hair, as well as keep the mop water clean.

 4.     Mop with a multi-purpose cleaner ~ Whether you have linoleum, laminated, hardwood or tile floors, you can clean these hard surface floors without damage by using a multi-purpose cleaner.

  • Refill your bucket with clean water and your cleaning solution when the mop water gets dirty
  • Keep a rag under your mop bucket to prevent scratches or discoloration

 5.     Remove scuffs and heel marks ~ Use a white, no scratch, soft wire mesh pad with your multi-purpose cleaner and lightly scrub the spot until it removes.

 6.     Dry your floors ~ The experts dry freshly mopped floors with super-absorbent towels to remove left over dirt and debris, and prevent hard water spots. It also keeps you from accidentally bringing in new dirt that can build grime and stay there until your next cleanup day.

 7.     Add some shine ~ For a natural way to make your floor shine apply this mixture with a spray bottle directly to your floors and clean with a dry mop or towel.

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

 8.     Wash and prep your tools for next time ~  Machine washable mops and towels remove residue build up and tough dirt particles that can ruin your floor during the next use.

There are many "green" environmentally friendly  cleaners available to help keep your floors looking their best!  We encourage you to look for earth friendly options.

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