Carpet Styles ~ Victoria Carpet Care


The texture of a carpet depends on its pile. Pile is the top surface of the carpet and it varies in height and density. The tighter the weave and the more stitches or tufts per square inch, the more durable the carpet will be.

 Looped pile

 •made of yarn that is looped at the same height and left uncut

 •most common type of carpet

 •available in a variety of heights from short to shaggy

 •very durable under heavy use

 •easy to clean

 •soil and spills remain on surface

 Cut pile

 •made by shearing off the tops of level-looped pile

 •cleaner, more refined appearance than looped pile

 •choice of amount of twist in yarn

 Random or tip sheared

 •made of a combination of looped and cut pile

 •brings together elegance of cut pile and practicality of looped pile


 •refers to velvet loom on which it is woven

 •direction of the pile makes surface appear as either highlight or shade; this is because cut pile threads will change direction

 •depending on pressure on surface, footprints may show up when walked on

 Sculptured or curved pile

 •variety of designs possible with two or more levels

 •can combine looped or cut pile

 •dirt can get trapped in grooves

 Shag or short shag

 •woven or tufted carpet with yarn that is not tightly twisted

 •long pile that is either looped or cut pile

 •will show dirt faster than shorter pile

 •requires frequent vacuuming


 •a heavy cut pile

 •pile is deep and tightly woven

 •may show footprints when walked on


 •most popular type of carpet

 •only available in cut pile

 •a moderate to tight twist of yarn