Carpet Repairs & Stretching, Victoria BC

Maybe you have a ripple, or wave in your carpet like the one pictured here. We can remove waves, preventing tripping and helping your carpet last longer.

Carpet Stretching
"Use of a power stretcher is mandatory" CRI 104 & 105 The Industry Standard

We can use a power stretcher to remove waves and ripples in your carpet. This can give your carpet a much newer appearance and help your home look much better.

DO NOT settle for only using a knee kicker. If you do, ripples may return to haunt you. Get the job done right the first time and save your time, money and aggravation.

Carpet Repairs
If you have an area on your carpet that has lost its color we can permanently bond in a new piece of carpet, if you have spare carpet.

Seam Repairs
If your seam is split we can re-seam your carpet together to improve the appearance and help it last longer.

Carpet Runs & Pulls
Sometimes a carpet can have a pull or a run, like nylon stockings. It may be possible to repair the run. Call 250-474-7777 for details.

VICTORIA CARPET CARE provides the very best service in Victoria BC!