Carpet Protector: Carpet and Rug Cleaning, Victoria BC


Why should you have us apply carpet protector after professional cleaning?

You can get factory-approved spot and stain protection on your carpet for a very small investment.

Using the absolute latest and most advanced technology in maximum stain prevention and enhanced soil resistance, the application of premium carpet protectant is a “must have” step immediately after you have your carpets professionally cleaned. Protected carpets will look better and last longer than unprotected carpets.

When properly applied, a quality protector slows the absorption of solids (like food) and liquids (like beverages) into the core of the carpet fibers. This “extra time” allows for a more complete “clean-up” before the contaminant creates a “stubborn” spot or “permanent” stain. Soil adhesion is also minimized, enabling your home vacuum to be more effective in the removal process.

Why re-apply?

Although carpet protectant help extend the beauty and life of a carpet, they are not permanently attached to carpet fibers. As a result, effectiveness diminishes with repeated foot traffic abrasion and cleanings. Because of this, the re-application of a protector during carpet cleaning is recommended.

Generally speaking, the effectiveness of carpet protectant is reduced by approximately 30% with each scheduled cleaning. A smaller percentage is lost through foot traffic abrasion. For this reason, carpet manufacturers recommend re-application with every deep carpet cleaning with carpets manufactured with stain and/or soil resistance treatments in order for the carpet to continue to be capable of providing adequate soil resistance and stain repellency properties.

Testimonials and Kind Words

"Thank-you again Russ for doing such a terrific  job on my carpets.  I am so pleased and will recommend you to my friends!!!  You are the best!"   Sally, Colwood BC

"We asked for estimates from various companies for stretching our carpets. Russ gave us the best estimate and his work was excellent. He showed up on time, was polite, respectful of the office work areas, tidy and organized, cleaned up after he was finished and the final bill was exactly what he had quoted--no surprises. Great job, Russ!! "   Kathy McDougall, Victoria BC

"Russ cleaned our Carpets in our home this past week. They look fantastic. What a wonderful job. Thanks Russ."   Norm Moore, The Co-operators Victoria, BC

"We had our rugs cleaned by Russ in December and were very pleased at how clean they came and how they stayed clean much longer than when we used to rent a shampooer and do it ourselves. I've recommended Russ and I'm ready to book him again!" Susan D, Victoria BC

“Great customer care skills and excellent results. I would highly recommend Russ if anyone is looking to get those carpets cleaned.” Lee Cassells

“Russ Sheriff with Victoria Carpet Care is professional, incredibly knowledgeable, honest, and he truly cares about his clients and their needs. He has taken carpet care to a whole new level and goes above and beyond. I recently had him clean the carpets when my tenants moved out and he really was put to the test, and he left the room looking brand new. He also used a special odor guard to get rid of some horrible smells and it is amazing how well it worked.  Big or small, carpets, rugs, upholstery, beds, you name it, Russ Sheriff with Victoria Carpet Care can do it all, and do it well. I highly recommend them.”  Clare Martin, Victoria BC

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