Carpet Cleaning Victoria - Testimonial from Shane Johnson, Life On Purpose Coaching

Testimonial for Russ Sheriff 

  The green carpets in my 10x10 office looked like they had never been cleaned, or at least not in many, many years.  The color was off and there were quite a few obvious brown stains that stood out noticeably in various places.  Shortly after bringing this to my commercial landlord's attention, my landlord cleaned the carpets with some liquid carpet washing rental equipment.  The results were unimpressive to say the least and the carpet looked almost the same as it did before; faded with discoloration and stains that were clearly still there.  At this point I lost hope and believed I simply needed brand new carpets.  When I told Russ about this, his response was "Great, now I can show you how much better of a job I can do."  However, I was thinking, yeah right, I don't really believe you, you are just saying that because you didn't get the first crack at it.  I honestly thought he was wasting his time and truly believed he wouldn't be able to do any better.  When I came in the next day after Russ had finished cleaning the carpets, I actually said "wow" out loud.  The carpets looked virtually new!  The color had been restored and the stains were completely gone!  I actually couldn't believe my eyes. 

  I am incredibly impressed with Russ's carpet cleaning abilities!  I immediately showed my landlord afterwards.  The results impressed him incredibly as well, so much that he said he would use Russ to clean the common area carpets in the rest of the commercial space!  Russ's work speaks for it's self!

Shane Johnson

Life on Purpose Coaching

May 2011