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11 Insider Tips To Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

Between Cleanings…

Victoria Carpet Care has recently cleaned your carpet and once again your carpet is clean, fresh, soft, and fluffy.  All the spots that have been bothering you for the past few months are now gone.  Now the question, is how do you keep them that way?  Here are a few tips you can use year round to help keep your carpet looking as fresh and clean as the day we professionally cleaned it. 


  1. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum.  As a general rule vacuum traffic areas 3 to 5 times per week.  This will prevent dirt from settling into the carpet.  Walking on dirt and grit that has settled to the base of the fibers causes an abrasive action, which results in the appearance of traffic lanes and worn areas.
  2. Clean up spills immediately,before they become permanent stains.  You may refer to our spotting guide online, which can be found at This will provide you with directions on how to proceed in removing spills.  You may also call us at 250-474-7777 and we will also give you assistance on how to properly remove the spill.
  3. Have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis.  They should be cleaned every 6-12 months depending on the amount of “traffic” in the house. (i.e. kids, pets, shoes, etc.)  Clean high traffic areas about twice as often as other areas. 
  4. Reapply Carpet Protectoreach time the carpet is cleaned to keep stains from setting in and the soil from grinding in.  More information can be found on our website.
  5. Place walk off matsinside and outside every entrance to your home.
  6. Place matsor bound remnants on top of the carpet at high wear areas, such as in front of the sofa or chairs and entry/exit points from the carpet.  
  7. Placing smooth plastic chair matsunder chairs in front of desks may help to prevent carpet delamination and wear.
  8. Remove your shoeswhen you enter your home. 
  9. Controlthe circulation and disposal of food and drink through the home.
  10. Use a powerful upright vacuumwith a beater brush and excellent filtration system for carpets.  Be sure to change the disposable bag often to ensure efficient operation.
  11. Take your vacuum in for a checkupat the vacuum repair shop annually to keep it operating at peak performance.

 So there you have 11 tips to prolong the life and beauty of your carpet investment.  If we can be of assistance or if you would like to schedule your next appointment call Victoria Carpet Care at 250-474-7777.


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