Carpet Cleaning ~ Directions After You Have Your Carpets Cleaned ~ Victoria BC


If possible avoid walking on damp carpet.  If this is not possible, use inside shoes (slippers or sandals) to walk on it.  You may also walk on the carpet with clean white socks.  If you must go in and out over the damp carpet, wipe your shoes thoroughly with a wet cloth each time before walking on carpet.  Dirt will track off on damp carpet very easily. Be VERY careful walking onto a hard surface (tile or wood) because it will be slippery!

Here are some helpful hints to ensure the best appearance of your carpet and upholstery after cleaning.

For faster drying carpets…

- Adjust thermostat to 22 Celsius, or if appropriate open windows

- Turn off humidifiers on furnace.

- Turn your thermostat fan control setting to “On.”

- Turn on all ceiling fans (make sure air blows down.)

- Turn on dehumidifier or air conditioning         

- Run floor fans over carpet.                            

- Do not remove the plastic pieces placed under legs of furniture until carpet is absolutely dry.  Preferably allow several days to allow moisture trapped under the plastic to evaporate therefore preventing rust or permanent furniture stain.

- Do not replace furniture or area rugs in cleaned areas for 24 hours

For between carpet cleanings…

- Thoroughly vacuum regularly, a minimum of twice per week.

- Use area rugs at entry doors to the home, especially the garage.

- Remove shoes upon entering the home.

- Rearrange furniture to change the flow of traffic through a room

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