Carpet Cleaners in Victoria BC: But my carpets don't look dirty!


But My Carpet Doesn’t Look Dirty!

Even if your carpets don’t LOOK dirty, often they are.  I know there are a percentage of you that have carpets that do get some visible soiling. Life happens.  So do kids, pets and food spills.  But there are also some of you who keep your carpets so immaculate that you don’t realize they are dirty.  Yet deep inside those carpets are dry soils, dust mites, dust mite feces, pollens, molds and pollutants.  Icky stuff.  Some visible, much of it invisible. 

And, if you’ve gotten my ads in the past you know what that means.  Polluted indoor air.  Your carpet can only hold so much.  When your carpet gets full, those allergens, pollutants and soils get redistributed into your indoor air with every step.  So for your carpets to be truly dirty only time has to go by.  If it’s been 6-12 months since your last cleaning your carpets are dirty.  But no worries.  Your friendly carpet cleaner to the rescue.

Give me a call and I will provide you with a 15 minute carpet evaluation.  I can determine by your last cleaning date and home traffic, what areas should be cleaned and how frequent.  Maybe it’s been 12 months and you have 2 dogs and 2 people living in the home but no one ever goes into three of your four bedrooms.  Your cleaning needs are going to be different than the family with 3 kids and 2 cats and 3 overused bedrooms.  Likewise, their cleaning schedule will be different from the couple with no kids, and no pets.  See what I mean?  Every one of you will have different high traffic areas, different traffic levels, and different cleaning needs.  

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Testimonials for Victoria Carpet Care:

Love my clean area carpet and the service from Victoria Carpet Care for the terrific job on my area carpet.  It looks like new!   Thanks Russ! ~ Laura B. - View Royal, BC

Thank-you Victoria Carpet Care for doing such a great job cleaning & scotch guarding our carpets & stairs!  VICTORIA CARPET CARE is the BEST!!! ~ Norm M. - Colwood, BC

Excellent to work with.  I had a carpet that I thought I would have to replace but Russ got the dirt out! Would highly recommend ~ Pat B. - View Royal, BC

Victoria carpet care are not only carpet cleaners but experts in the care of your carpets and furniture !!!! Bravo Victoria Carpet Care! ~ Sandra F. - Esquimalt, BC

The best carpet cleaner in the city!! ~ Chris W. - Saanich, BC


Russ ... I am so pleased with the job you did! The change is just downright remarkable. I'm just so happy. Thank you so very much. ~ Karen D. - Victoria, BC

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