Best Time To Have Carpets Professionally Steam Cleaned: Carpet Cleaning, Victoria BC


Air must move over the surface of the carpet or furniture to assure quick drying. A portable fan, furnace blower, bathroom vent fan and/or air conditioner will speed drying. Be sure the room is well ventilated. Please, stay off damp carpet, as much as possible, until it is dry.

During cold months turn up the furnace. If possible, turn the furnace blower to run continually. Warm dry heat dries the fastest. Furnace heat is very dry and works great.

During warm months. Lowering the humidity by means of a dehumidifier and/or air conditioner will also speed the drying. An air conditioner helps to remove humidity.


 Experts and carpet manufactures recommend that carpets be professionally deep cleaned every 6 to 12 months. Carpet is the biggest air filter in your home. Regular deep down cleaning will remove tremendous amounts of dirt and soil along with dust mites, dust mite feces, (which many people are allergic to) bacteria, smoke, pollens and many other pollutants from your carpet.

Regular cleaning will also help your carpets last years longer by removing tremendous amounts of particulate matter from your carpets. This particulate matter (missed by vacuuming) is like sand paper cuts your carpet fibers every time you walk across your carpets. Regular cleaning, every 6 to 12 months, will help your carpets last longer, improve your homes indoor air quality to help give you a healthier home and sparking clean carpet.


VACUUM! VACUUM!                                 

The basic rule is that dirt and grit should NOT be allowed to settle into the carpet. Walking on dirt and grit that has settled into your carpet causes premature wear and the appearance of traffic lanes. Don’t wait till your carpet looks like it needs cleaning!!!

Vacuum traffic lanes EVERY DAY. Using a slow back and forth motion allows for the best dirt and grit removal. Use a professional rug rake on the traffic lanes twice a month before vacuuming to increase the dirt and grit removal. A rug rake loosens sharp particulate matter. Ask for a recommendation on a vacuum that is right for your home.

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