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The most important thing you can do in caring for your carpet is vacuuming thoroughly and frequently, especially in high-traffic areas. Walking on soiled carpet works soil particles deep into the pile where they not only damage the fibers but are far more difficult to remove. Frequent vacuuming removes many of these particles before this happens. Always use a good vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming is effective in removing most of the dry soil from your carpets. However, periodic professional cleaning is highly recommended to remove the oily, sticky soil that accumulates in the pile from tracked-in dirt,  debris and air pollution. This oily soil is most evident to the eye on light or pastel carpets - they seem dull; the delicate color is hidden by an oily film - but it's there on every carpet. If this type of soil is allowed to build up, it actually begins to attract and hold the dry soil. The more dirt on the carpet, the more damage to the carpet fibers.

Carpet in a typical home should be professionally cleaned every 12 months, and more often with high traffic or in areas of the country with high air pollution. Hot water extraction (commonly referred to as steam cleaning ) is the method of cleaning recommended by most carpet manufacturers.Call Victoria Carpet Care today for your FREE Carpet Cleaning Evaluation: 250-474-7777

Carpet Cleaning Reviews: Victoria Carpet Care

We wanted to share this wonderful comment sent to us from a very happy client that we were able to help her save a lot of money!  She was going to have the carpet replaced but we were able to clean the carpet so that the results were amazing!

"Wow Russ, amazing job on the carpets - I don’t know how you got some of those stains out but you did! You just saved us from spending $1500.00 getting new carpets for the kids room. Well done and many thanks!" ~ Stephanie, Sidney BC

Testimonial from Sandy Higgins - The Mortgage Centre - Island Properties

To: Russ Sheriff

"I had Russ in to clean carpets in 2 rooms in my house a few weeks ago and he also cleaned the grout in our bathroom and resealed the grout at the same time.  The grout looks fresh and new again, I recommend anyone with tile floors to get Russ to clean the grout, it will really make the grout look new again.  Russ also asked if we wanted to get the carpets scotch guarded which I had not thought about doing, it is worthwhile to pay a professional to do these types of jobs as it helps to keep your carpets in better shape over the longer period of time.  I have used Russ for a number of years, and do not hesitate you recommend Russ for any cleaning of carpet and tile floors to friends and family.  Thank you Russ for another job well done."

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