Berber Carpet Repair in Victoria BC - Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


Berber carpet is a loop pile carpet often used for its durability. The thickness and construction of Berber carpet helps it to last longer and show less wear and tear than other carpets. Unfortunately, Berber carpet snags more easily than other carpets. Improve the life and look of your Berber carpet by being diligent with repairs and not letting snags spread.

In the mill, Berber carpet is woven using a single strand of carpet fiber or yarn as opposed to cut pile carpet that’s woven using individual tufts of yarn. Because of the way it’s made, one snag in a Berber carpet can cause it to unravel like a sweater, exposing row upon row of bare carpet that’s unsightly as well as a danger, whether at home or in a commercial space.

Pets can also cause snags, even vacuum cleaners, pet claws, even shoes, can easily cause snags in your Berber.

Victoria Carpet Care will gladly come and give you a Free Carpet Evaluation to repair your Berber snag or Berber pull.  Call us directly at 250-474-7777 and we will be more than happy to care for your carpets needs, including repairs and cleaning.  We offer this service to both Commercial and Residential Clients and Homeowners in Victoria BC.

Something to remember is that  it is always best to keep some of the extra original carpet for just that case. If not some could possibly taken from a closet.

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