BEST Carpet Cleaning Tips - Victoria BC


1. Vacuum frequently and thoroughly. Dirt is the number one cause of wear and tear to your carpet.  Be sure that you are vacuuming thoroughly at least once per week to keep the dry soils to a least amount and get the most out of the life of your carpet.

2. Clean up spots and spills quickly and correctly.  To properly remove a spot use a clean absorbent towel (preferably a white one to avoid color transfer) and hot tap water in a spray bottle containing a small amount of a mild detergent – just make sure the detergent does not contain bleaching agents.  Next, alternate blotting and spraying the area, DO NOT over wet the spot.  You can even place a dry absorbent towel under something heavy like a book to completely remove the moisture from the carpet.  Most spots can be removed if they are caught early.  Of course the exceptions are, if a spill contains a dye, (i.e. red juice) or a bleaching agent then the spot is usually permanent.

3. Never scrub or rub spots. The correct method to remove a spill is to scrape the spot towards the middle and then blot with a white towel or cloth.  Scrubbing or rubbing the spot will fray the carpet fibers and permanently damage the area.  Please refer to our do-it-yourself spot removal guide.  Remember Victoria Carpet Care always welcomes questions.  We WANT to help you create a healthy home!

These are just three ways to keep your carpets looking great.  Be sure to check out Victoria Carpet Care's many great articles.

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