A Green, Non-Toxic Way to Clean Windows with Vinegar ~ Victoria Carpet Care


Choosing green, environmentally friendly cleaning products and removing toxic ones goes a long way towards ensuring a home with fresh, clean air.

Window Cleaning

Windows are another spot we only take the time to clean occasionally, but shining fresh windows can make the whole house feel better. Use this chemical-free cleaning solution and the helpful tips below for windows that shine. Take a cue from professional window cleaners in Victoria and invest in a window squeegee for a clean that is waste and streak free.

2 tablespoons white vinegar2 quarts water2 buckets1 squeegee clean, lint-free cloths

Fill buckets with warm water. Add white vinegar to one of the buckets and stir up to mix. (The clear water will be your rinse.) Apply cleaning solution with a cloth—which you will use only for that job—and start at the top of the window, working from side to side as you clean. Let stand for a few seconds and rinse with a different cloth dipped in the clear water. Right away use your squeegee to get rid of the water. You will have the least drippy windows if you wipe the squeegee blade with a dry cloth after every pass.

Washing Tips

• Never wash windows on a bright day or when the sun has preheated the glass. You’ll constantly be fighting glare and streaks.• To clean corners, use a toothbrush or cotton swab.• In winter, a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol in the water will keep it from freezing to the window.• Crumpled newspaper is terrific for rubbing away streaks.• If you squeegee from side to side on the window’s inside and up to down on the outside you can easily identify which side the streak is on.