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We recently have had many people requesting us to come clean their carpets, area rugs, furniture and tile because they were wanting to stage their home in Victoria to sell.  We thought it might be helpful to post some great tips for staging your home in Victoria, BC.  Even if you're not moving, you will find these tips also make your home more relaxing and enjoyable to live in.

1. Consider the curb appeal.

Stand back and view your home as if you were seeing it for the first time. This is the ‘first impression’ stage.  Landscaping is nice, but not in everyone's budget.  At minimum, lawns should be freshly mowed and leaves raked. Consider a hanging or potted plant for the entrance.  Sweep all walk ways and entrance outside.  It is important to make sure the garbage and recycling are tucked neatly away from the front of the home.  A clean and inviting door mat and even a freshly painted door can make a great impression.

2. Time to de-clutter:

Pick one closet or area at a time so the task isn't overwhelming. Look at every item with a very critical eye and ask yourself why you're keeping it.  Start your pre-pack as soon as possible.  Some people will rent storage lockers or have pods delivered so they can start to clear out what is not going to make the house look good.

3. Clean, clean, clean and then clean some more:

A clean home makes potential buyers think that you must have really took pride and care in your home. This can be very stressful for anyone but it is worth the effort!  You can hire a professional Carpet Cleaning service like Victoria Carpet Care service to come in and deep clean your carpets, rugs, furniture and tile and grout.  Our clients have been very happy with the results!  Potential homeowners love the look, feel and smell of freshly cleaned carpets!

4. Depersonalize:

For selling you want buyers to focus on the best features of your home and not your personal things or collections.  They would like to imagine their own family portraits hanging from the walls.

5. A neutral colour scheme is the way to go for selling.

Choose only 3 colours or less to paint your house for selling.  Bedrooms and bathrooms look great in light greens or  blues like the new aqua.  They are very relaxing colors.

6. Lighting your home to its best advantage

It might be mood lighting to you, but if you're trying to sell your home, keep it bright! Dimly lit rooms tend to look small and dingy, especially during the day.  Open the blinds and turn on the lights.

7. Let in some air.

Open some windows for at least 10 minutes. There is nothing worse than walking into a stuffy house or one that smells of smoke and pet odors. (Hint: carpet and upholstery cleaning can help eliminate some of those smells)

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