5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Caring For Your Leather Furniture: LEATHER FURNITURE CARE AND CLEANING, Victoria BC


Caring for your leather furniture prolongs its life and keeps it looking beautiful.  Leather lasts much longer than other upholstery, and its good looks can not only be maintained, but get better over time.  Well made leather furniture is an investment, and a little care goes a long way in helping to protect it.

Printed Materials on Leather:  Magazines and newspapers can transfer onto leather furniture when left in contact.  Sadly, you may end up with an extra copy of the print that you would never have wanted.

Heat and Sunshine:  The position of furniture in a living room is often done with a thought towards convenience and the best way it looks in a room.  But if you've placed a piece of leather furniture near to heating vents or any type of heating unit, then you risk damage to your leather furniture.  Heating vents, radiators, and space heaters can dry out and ruin leather furniture with prolonged exposure.  In addition, exposure to sunlight can fade and damage your leather furniture as well.

Infrequent Turning and Fluffing of Cushions:  Because leather is great for holding its shape, owners are often neglect  fluffing and rotating their cushions.  Wrinkles that develop in leather couches can be impossible to fully fix.  The best bet for owners of leather couches is to turn and fluff cushions once every week.

Using Cleaners That Aren't Suitable:  Most of the time a dry cloth, or cloth and lukewarm water are all that is needed.  Leather owners should avoid soaps and detergents, sprays, oils, and polishes that may damage their leather furniture.  It is important to follow manufacturer's instructions carefully and when in doubt, call in the professionals.

Forgetting to Dust:  Leather furniture needs to be dusted once every week. Some great options is to use a dry microfiber cloth or use the brush attachment on their vacuum cleaner.

Victoria Carpet Care offers leather care services for your home and business.

There are several types of leathers and finishes and no two should be treated and cared for exactly the same.  So, those one-type-cleans-all, do-it-yourself cleaning products can actually create more harm than good.   Our Certified Cleaning Specialists at Victoria Carpet Care are trained to recognize and care for all types of leather. Victoria Carpet Care's Cleaning Specialists are able to respond with custom cleaning techniques and procedures that reduce problems before they arise.  After the cleaning, it is so important to condition and protect your leather pieces to restore their natural beauty and feel.

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