10 Simple Tips to Help Achieve a Green Way of Living ~ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Victoria BC


1.  Carpool in Victoria BC

We are so fortunate in Victoria BC that there are so many options to carpool.  Leave your car in the garage more often and hop onto a bus, join a carpool program or grab your bike when running your errands. Better still, lace up your sneakers and start walking to where you want to go. The perks is that you will get a great work-out in beautiful Victoria, BC  such as the Galloping Goose Trail?

2.  Repair, don't replace

While it may be awfully enticing to throw out that broken down table, soiled and dirty sofa or faded bookshelf, choosing to repair or have them professionally cleaned by Victoria Carpet Care instead of replacing it is the more environmentally friendly.   In addition to cutting down on waste, repairing or cleaning increases the sentimentality of an object and with time, can transform something that was once considered ordinary into an heirloom.

3.  Compost

Composting may not be the most appetizing subject to bring up at the dining table, but it is an important environmental step towards living green. Plus, if you create a little compost corner in your own backyard you can nourish your garden and cut down on fertilizing costs in the spring.

4.  Recycle

This may seem like a no-brainer but the truth is that the average Canadian produces on average two kilograms of waste each and each day. By making recycling a main concern, you can help cut down on what ends up in landfills.

5.  Care for your outside living space

Part of prettying up your outdoor living space can involve welcoming wildlife into your backyard. While you are busy arranging your stylish outdoor furniture, consider including a few attractive birdhouses and feeders to make your backyard an outdoor oasis for wildlife too.

6.  Put your lights on timers

While it’s important to light up your home, leaving the lights on can be an pointless waste of energy.   Buy a few timers and program them so that the lights come on and turn off at the most useful times.   We have started doing this in our home and have found it very useful.

7.  Start a garden

You may not have the greenest thumb in the world, but designing a garden and caring for it can plant a deep sense of admiration for the earth.   Plant a few vegetables over the summer or a surplus of wildflowers and celebrate in the beauty of your own green space.  We live in a beautiful part of the world, Victoria, BC.

8.  Go vintage

Visit the local Victoria thrift store.  We have many in Victoria BC – be it clothes, furniture or home decor accessories – not only helps reduce your individual consumerism levels, but it can also offer an expression of  personality into your home.

9.  Choose eco-friendly home decoration accessories

When looking for those special final touches to make your dream bedroom, modern kitchen or calming bathroom absolutely perfect opt for eco-friendly home accessories. There are all sorts of stylish choices available today that are created using environmental materials.

10.  Keep with itOne of the most important things anyone can do when attempting to embrace the green way of living is to simply stick with it.   Don't expect you or your family to become perfect 'green' people of the world immediately.   Instead, focus on a few choice goals, such as keeping a garden and recycling regularly, and follow through on those goals before adding to them. Over time, your determination to do this will begin to feel like way of life and you will be living the green way of living for the rest of your life.   Here in Victoria, BC  we are able to connect with many like-minded people who are striving to do the same. 

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