#1 and #2 Costly Misconceptions About Upholstery Cleaning - Victoria BC


I’m about to share four costly misconceptions about upholstery cleaning:

Here’s misconception #1:

“You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your upholstery.”

That’s not true. Soiling can accumulate rather quickly on upholstery through use. It’s transferred to the fabric from clothing, body perspiration and items placed on it, such as newspaper, food and drinks. Dust also settles on upholstery, along with airborne soils containing cooking fats or cigarette smoke. Many of these soils are tacky and will hold the dust to the fabric. In fact, the closer your upholstery is to the kitchen, the tackier the dust becomes and thus more harmful to the fabric. Combine that with the exposure of pet dander, dust mite accumulation and every day use, consumer groups therefore recommend cleaning at least every 12-24 months. If cleaning is postponed any length of time, fabric and colors can begin to dull, and the original appearance becomes more difficult to restore, shortening the life of the upholstery considerably.

Misconception #2:

“Dry cleaning is the best method to use, since my label under the cushions specifically recommends this method as opposed to wet cleaning”.

I will not disagree with the manufacturers cleaning recommends, since it does provide guidance to assist consumers in determining colorfastness to spotting or cleaning agents.

However, I will say, many times it’s there to provide liability protection for them because they do not know the skill level or qualifications of the consumer or I’ll add, the cleaning technician. The guidance they provide by recommending “dry clean only” is very safe because no one can ruin the fabric or dyes with dry cleaning solvents or techniques.

However, in addition, let me emphasize, someone who uses dry cleaning techniques will not be able to effectively clean your soiled upholstery. Dry cleaning is not much more that a dusting of your fabric. The fact is dry cleaning solvents will not dissolve water based soiling, and by far the majority of your soiling is water-soluble. For example, let me illustrate, would you think of washing your oily hair with dry cleaning solvents? No you use hot water and a good shampoo. The same is true for your upholstery. Low moisture, proper cleaning chemistry and safe cleaning techniques are vital to ensure good results. Anyone who uses dry cleaning solvents to clean soiled upholstery is wasting your money and simply does not understand how to properly clean fabrics.

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